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Vinyl Giveaway, April 2023

Apr 13, 2023
This months vinyl giveaway is Skammens vogn's latest album – an album full of both confidence, vulnerability and humility. Sign up to our newsletter below before May 1st for a chance to win a copy on vinyl.

Skammens vogn are a Danish trio of childhood friends. They have been making music together since 2005 when the two musicians of the group, Jakob Millung and Oliver Hoiness, asked their friend and author Nikolaj Zeuthen to write some lyrics that they could write music to.

Their music is a mix of genres and in the center of the mix sits Zeuthens poetic lyrics, expressed with his laid-back vocals. Hoiness and Millung are held in high regard as two of the best instrumentalists on the Danish alternative music scene, and their music is widely celebrated as original and aesthetic. Through genuine artistry, Skammens vogn’s mission is to unite opposites, and to open into something greater than the individual - greater than music.

The trio's ambition is to make themselves available for music: "We are a band that thinks together and reads together. Making yourself available is not something that happens by itself. You have to be humble. And humility requires practice and discipline. It is a job you do not finish, and where it must be accepted that there is both gold and dead ends to be found along the way"