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Vinyl Giveaway, March 2023

Mar 10, 2023
This months vinyl giveaway is EXEC's debutalbum from 2016. The album 'The Limber Real' is purely analogue and stripped down to only piano and vocals. It is vulnerable and raw human emotions, and a polar opposition to his previous electronic realeses. The music on this album is inspired by the Nordic psalm tradition with its particular harmonies and structures. Troels’ vocal work is exemplary and reaches new emotional highs.

EXEC is the alias of Danish singer, songwriter and producer Troels Abrahamsen, a notable figure in Denmark from Gold-selling Danish electro-rock band VETO to solo records under his own name.

The singer and composer had for years written and produced his songs on the computer. He realised a change in his songwriting method was needed and sat down in front of the piano. EXEC grasps existential loneliness in a world of individuals. We are as human beings set in a social world, but will always be faced with the distance between humans never being able to fully explain ourselves to other people. We are together, but always separate. As Troels sings: “And we can touch, but never blend”. The mystery and pain of life. 



Watch EXEC's live performance from CPH:DOX at Bremen Teater. 

“Since my childhood the piano has had a central role in my life. Therefore it was a success to be back at the piano and have direct contact with an instrument again. For me it became an opportunity to create something new and start over again”, says Abrahamsen.