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Watch new music video from The New Spring

Today the Danish folk-darling Bastian Kallesøe aka The New Spring reveals the music video for his latest single “Gershwin Wakes Up Singing”, directed Nick Bruhn-Petersen. It’s taken from his forthcoming album Wholly Wholly (out on Feb 2, 2018) Director Nick Bruhn-Petersen about the video

“It’s recorded at sunrise in the gardens by the Danish Royal Library. I had two main inspirations for the visual composition: Pieter Bruegel and Kylie Minogue. In the song Gershwin wakes up to find his own dead body thus realising that he is in fact dead. In the video I therefore wanted Bastian to appear as a ghost which happens over and over again in the video. It’s kinda creepy in a freudian perspective but also very peaceful. A beautiful death - if such a thing actually exist” Kallesøe says about the song:

“The song confronts the ultimate disaster: Waking up and discovering that you have died. This realization leads to a series of different emotions. There is the obvious disappointment of not being alive anymore. Then there is the equally obvious fascination of getting to touch your dead body. And finally there is the silly and pretty and completely useless knowing that you were, in fact, at some point, very much alive. Fittingly enough the song is the also the last song on the album - you could maybe even call it the 'death' of the album.

Bastian has been crafting elegant acoustic folk music combining picturesque lyrics, a unique style of guitar fingerpicking, and above all, timeless melodies since 2011.

The self titled debut, which was recorded mainly in Bastian’s own apartment, was released in the spring of 2011 and was a poetical study of love in its broadest sense.

The widely acclaimed second album, Secret Armor, was released the following year and here producer Aske Zidore (Oh No Ono, Choir of Young Believers) added a more complex layer of effects, piano and percussion that made Secret Armor stand out as a truly experimental folk album.

2014 was the year of The New Spring’s third album in just three years. The album, Late Bloomer, was recorded in just two days and in the  recording process Kallesøe and producer Jens Ramon Murga Meinert (Figurines) strayed from using digital effects. The result was a fresh, more traditionally oriented sound that returned the songwriting to its most naked form - a sound described by GoldFlakePaint as “a hand through the surface of water, the sound of a day taking shape.”

Early 2018 will see Bastian Kallesøe return with his most ambitious effort yet. The album Wholly Wholly, once again produced by Jens Ramon Murga Meinert, has been two years in the making and for the first time ever The New Spring materializes into a full band. The album is an ever changing landscape that combines an unsettled spirituality with elements from minimalist classical music as well as 70’s folk rock - and of course the trademark songwriting that is always at the core of The New Spring. Wholly Wholly can be pre-ordered on vinyl here.