• Brand New Woman

Brand New Woman

On “Brand New Woman”, Brimheim and eee gee fantasise about breaking free from restrictive gender roles, letting the inner beast prevail, and escaping from a suffocating normative existence. 

“A suburban housewife nightmare,” says Brimheim aka Helena Heinesen Rebensdorff about the new single “Brand New Woman,” where she is joined by rising singer star and songwriter eee gee. Brimheim shares how “Brand New Woman” was inspired by the famous ‘cool girl’ monologue from David Fincher's film ‘Gone Girl: “A cool girl pretends not to care when she cares deeply. She pretends things don’t hurt when they do and abandons herself for someone else’s approval. She bends over backwards to twist herself into a person that might be worthy of love. In this song, she is someone so used to settling for crumbs of attention, she loses touch with reality and fantasises about tapping into survival instincts — a wild, ferocious sense of self respect that propels her into new life.”

This fantasy is never more evident than when eee gee sings:    
A glass of wine / Might calm me down / Am I foaming at the mouth? / Scratch marks on the bed frame / And tears in the new towels

Helena explains: “The song addresses the pressure of trying to live up to the myth of the perfect woman — a devoted and obedient dog who never complains. Tail wagging for attention. Unfortunately, I’ve been that woman in past relationships. Society’s expectations of women have definitely shaped that ideal, but ultimately I have only myself to blame. It is a violence I’ve inflicted on myself when I valued comfort over authenticity."