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Feb 26, 2021


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El Aparecido

Danish-Chilean composer and artist Molina is following up her ‘20 EP Vanilla Shell and kicking off ‘21 with the intimate, synthetic soundscape of her new single “Cold”. Accompanying the single are two B-sides “Océano” and “El Aparecido”, in which she embraces and reinvents the traditional music of her Chilean roots in synthetic variations for the 21st century.

“Cold” features a blend of sparse and lush instrumentation. The beat is elusive, and the instrumentation is otherworldly. Cold MIDI guitar and simple percussion give way to acoustic cello and intuitive vocal melodies. Molina's airy vocals create a symbiosis with Bjerre’s sensitive voice, inviting the listener to explore the transforming bodily yet synthetic musical landscape.

This sense of transformation is complemented by the song's music video, made by Copenhagen-based video collective Aporia (photographer Ali Asperheim and set designers/stylists Sofia Staal and Puer Parasitos). 

In a wet and hazy reality, a water nymph and her snails inhale the air of the liquid universe. She is trapped behind the glass walls, and the snails are her way of exhaling in this uncanny environment.  It is a sensuous and empowering portrait of a being in transition.

The b-side “Océano” shows a more simple and vernacular expression. With finger-picked guitar, Molina introduces us even more to the inspiration from her Chilean ancestors. The fragility and intimacy of her vocals transforms into authority as they electrically scratch and glitch. The warmth and depth of the legendary Korg M1 fretless bass preset underscores the artificial yet animate quality in her voice.

The three-song single concludes with a computer-created interpretation of the classic Victor Jara song “El Aparecido”, interspersed by organic elements like viola played by Astrid Sonne and clarinet by Lars Greve. The song ends symbolically with a flute that reminds of the echo of the Chilean valleys.

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