Mar 13, 2019


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On “Dude”, his debut single as a solo artist, Sunx tells the story of the deep friendship between him and his childhood friend Mathias (who is also the drummer in Treefight for Sunlight). They met at the age of 13, formed a band, shared dreams and came of age together. They lived in a flat with the other Treefight-guys in Copenhagen after finishing high school and they spend the next few years recording and touring together. In summary Mathias and Morten spent most of their youth together in a way that formed and defined their identities.

But as adulthood caught up with Mathias and Morten the symbiosis between them started to fade away. The band wasn’t as active anymore and other relationships, life goals and dreams emerged for both of them.

Morten elaborates: “I was so scared when our symbiosis dissolved. The band was such a big part of my identity and I really missed my friend. “Dude” is a declaration of love to Mathias (and the other guys). And it’s about accepting that some things are bound to end at some point. We still have our friendship and our band is not finished. But the time where we shared everything will never come back.”

At first listen “Dude” brings back memories of classic 70s-inspired songwriting, but right under the surface lies a modern digital approach to production. The piano is chopped into pieces and put back together again, sometimes in reverse. There’s both a certain nostalgia and a very modern approach to production in Morten’s work. The music of Sunx is created in solitude, self-produced and, so far, centered around relationships that ends and how to cope with being alone.




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