• Normies


On the hazy alt-pop ballad “Normies”, taken from her sophomore album, RATKING, Brimheim explores the edges of infatuation as it descends into obsession and perhaps delusion. 

"I wanted to write about the enraptured early love that turns you into a crazy person," Helena Heinesen Rebensdorff, aka Brimheim, says about her new single "Normies." “I'm fascinated by the way infatuation makes you willing to morph into someone else.” 

Brimheim’s hasty, silky vocals breathe an anxious urgency into a comfy-pop melody. "On the surface the song seems like a conventional love story but to me there’s a wretchedness about it  — I imagine a stalker fallen into dangerous delusion”

Traces of this ambiguity can be found in the verses:  

I'm checking myself out in the rearview / Drivin' up to your house (Dried my tears right off) 

I've packed my lipgloss and a tripod / Hope I look good enough  

The single is released with a captivating music video directed by Stine Emil. It takes place on an absurd film set and stars Brimheim enacting the theme of the song. 

The song is a reflection on the romantic entanglements that have previously lead Helena to discard healthy boundaries entirely: “I’ve been so completely love-struck that I’ve jumped on a train to travel cross country in the middle of the night to show up uninvited and unannounced on a near stranger’s doorstep. It’s a completely unhinged thing to do!“