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Away (Brodie Sessions on Tour)

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Recorded and filmed in the deceaced artist Richard Winther's old home in Vindeby, Lolland. 

The session was recorded in October 2020. See rest of session here:​

Music by School of X:
Rasmus Littauer: vocals 
Simon Littauer: electric bass
Jakob Littauer: prophet 8
Malthe Bech: saxophone
Rune Risager: guitar
Rune Kielsgaard: drums

Directed by Jonas Bang

Executive producers: Birgit Lyngbye Pedersen and Silke Baumann
Producers: Mads Buhl Hendriksen and Rasmus Stolberg
Line Producer: Tobias Vestergaard
Production Assistant: Siv Baumann

DoP: Jason Idris Alami
Camera operators: Jason Idris Alami, Thomas Dyrholm and Phillip Jørgensen
Clapper Loader: Franklin Henriksen and Lasse Olesen
Development and scan: Focus Film
Gaffer: Viggo Grumme
Best Boy: Otto Juel Grumme

Editor: Niels Buhl Hendriksen
Colourist: Jonathan Lieb

Audio recording and final mix: Tommy Kamp Vestergaard
Assisting sound engineer: Tobias Frank
Audio mastering: Morten Bue
Sound design: Jonas Bang and Niels Buhl Hendriksen

Gaffer: Viggo Grumme
Best Boy: Otto Juel Grumme 

Still photography: Søren Lynggaard Andersen
Title design: Søren Damstedt

Thanks to Richard Winhter's house
Supported by The Danish Arts Foundation