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Feel of It

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Music by Rasmus Littauer and Mads Nørgaard
Lyrics by Rasmus Littauer
Performed by Rasmus Littauer, Mikkel Baltser Dørig, Mads Nørgaard and Simon Littauer
Mixed by Chris Tabron
Mastered by Emil Thomsen
Released by Tambourhinoceros (

Director: Sif Lina
Producers: Maria Colomer Canyelles & Mathilde Kirstein
DOP: Jason Idris
Editor: Laura Andrea
B photo: Andrew Berekdar
Grip: Nikolaj Bak
Runner: Manon Girault & Lioubi Perou
Colorists: Mikkel Hjort-Pedersen & Martin Lundgaard
Stunt: Gregers Pedersen
Stunt Coordinator: Deni Jordan 
Stunt Assistant: Bjarke
Executive Producer: Christian Lønhart
Production Company: isaac
Thanks for the coffee provided by Caffè River
Special thanks to Koda for financial support