CTM - photo by Albert Grøndahl

CTM is an abbreviation for Cæcilie Trier Musik. It is the alias of the Danish cellist, singer and composer Cæcilie Trier’s main musical project. In 2013 the debut EP Variations was released to great critical acclaim. Suite for a Young Girl is the follow-up to the debut, both released by Danish record label Tambourhinoceros.

Since Cæcilie Trier created her own solo project Chimes & Bells in 2009 (signed to Bella Union) she has been a deeply respected, award-winning, and sought after musician in Denmark. For years she played cello in Choir of Young Believers. As part of the experimental vocal group Valby Vokalgruppe (signed to Eget Værelse) Cæcilie Trier together with Anja Jacobsen, Sonja Labianca, and Lil Lacy explores the many musical capabilities of the human voice. This year she has been playing with Marching Church (signed to Sacred Bones) touring europe and USA, after the release of their first album This world is not enough. She joined the band in 2014. Cæcilie Trier also exercises within the field of performance and art with the theater ensemble CAAST that recently performed in Los Angeles. In a trio consisting of her father and classic guitarist Lars Trier, and the flamenco guitarist Christian Sievert, Cæcilie plays cello.  

Cæcilie is part of what many describe as the Mayhem Scene in Copenhagen – a collaborative space in Copenhagen where the likes of Synd & Skam, Iceage, Marching Church, Lower, Andreas Führer, Puce Mary, Communions and others are based. All with different musical expressions. They share rehearsal studios, put up shows and sometimes work directly with each others’ music – as when Cæcilie Trier recently played cello on Lower’s “Expanding Horizons”.

When Cæcilie Trier launched CTM in 2012 she paused her solo project Chimes & Bells to explore other sides of her musical output. The debut was met with praising voices 

Suite for a Young Girl bridges the classical world and the modern experimental popular music offering great musical experiences for fans of everything from jazz to experimental pop. Suite for a Young Girl is the results of years of hard work.

Live CTM is a duo consisting of Cæcilie Trier on vocals and the talented Malthe Rostrup on piano. 



CTM - Cézanne - video still
CTM's "Cézanne" premieres via Gorilla vs Bear
Recently CTM presented her new sound. Today CTM shares the new music video to the track “Cézanne” from the forthcoming mini-album Suite for a Young Girl . Gorilla vs Bear is hosting the...
CTM - photo by Albert Grøndahl
The FADER premieres CTM's "Cézanne"
Today The Fader premieres the new CTM track ”Cézanne” from the forthcoming mini-album Suite For A Young Girl. "'Cézanne' is a mysterious car ride through a grey mist, with a...
Cæcilie Trier, photo by Nina Mouritzen
Kasper Bjørke featuring CTM
Cæcilie Trier layed down the vocals for this new single by Kasper Bjørke. Check it out. As Clash put it: "New album 'After Forever' will be released on September 15th, with new single...



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