CTM is the main project of Cæcilie Trier - a woman with an amazing musical repertoire. Recently she joined Marching Church (Sacred Bones, Big Love, Posh Isolation), she is also a part of the music performance group Caast, playing cello in the critically acclaimed band Choir of Young Believers (Ghostly International), singing in the experimental vocal group Valby Vokalgruppe, and created her own band Chimes & Bells (Tigerspring/Bella Union).

With CTM, Cæcilie shows yet a new facet of her talents. The tunes of CTM are danceable with distinct vocals and likeable beats wrapped in an adventurous production. The percussive elements and the synth arrangements are at once a homage to the musical stars of the early eighties: Avantgarde artists like Laurie Anderson one side and on the other side icons like Leonard Cohen and Michael Jackson.

The EP Variations (2012) is the first release from CTM. 

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