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We're an independent label that release, market, promote and sell adventurous music we love. 


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New Releases


Palace Winter, photo by Robert Lund
Palace Winter announce EU/UK tour
Palace Winter have had a truly exciting journey so far. They played their first shows not much more than a year ago, signed to us, put out an EP in the fall of 2016 that got them a Hype Machine #1...
CTM - photo by Albert Grøndahl
HereToday presents CTM live session
Earlier this year we released CTM's sublime mini-album Suite for a Young Girl digitally and on a beatiful limited vinyl ( check it out ). In conjuction with the release Cæcilie Trier and Malthe...
Playlist update
Well hello there! Here's our latest two singles plus a bunch of tunes we've found enjoyable in our efforts to keep ourselves just a tiny bit updated on what's happening outside our own...