The New Spring

In early 2011 Bastian Kallesøe made his solo debut with The New Spring. While being lead singer and songwriter in the experimental rock band Shout Wellington Air Force, Bastian had for some years written songs that didn’t fit into the concept of Shout Wellington Air Force’s music. It was a bunch of folk songs, all with the acoustic guitar and his voice as the point of origin.

The selftitled debut album was released in the spring of 2011 and was a poetic and musical study of love in its many forms: From songs about daring love to songs about demonstrants’ love for the rights they are fighting for. The album was recorded in Bastian’s own apartment as well as in Oh No Ono’s Moono studios and during the sessions he invited friends to contribute on the album. On various songs Jesper Lidang and Søren Lilholt from The Rumour Said Fire sing backing vocals.

He began to write new songs for an album to be put out in 2012. The second album Secret Armor was recorded in only 5 days. Guitars and vocals were recorded in one take. Afterwards Bastian and the producer Aske Zidore (Tambourhinoceros co-founder) added effects, piano and percussion and made Secret Armor stand out as a truly experimental folk record. The production earned Aske Zidore the 'Producer of the Year' award at Danish critic's award-show "Steppeulven" later in the year.

2014 is the year of The New Spring's 3rd album in just three years. It's entitled Late Bloomer and is released on September 15, 2014. Late Bloomer was recorded in only two days. Jens Ramon (Figurines) engineered and mixed the album. In the recording process they strayed from using digital effects and anything but the very basic post-processing. The result is a crisp and fresh sound in a musical world more and more dominated by big productions.

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