Wearing her heart on her sleeve, Kleo writes by the piano; scenes from love stories viewed through the eyes of starry-eyed youth. Reflecting on the juxtapositions of life, light and darkness, yin & yang, and conjuring a hybrid universe of Vedic astrology and hyperromance.

Kleo’s “Miss You” featured in Netflix’ rom-com “A Tourist’s Guide to Love”. 

Kleo's debut EP I Love This Movie, released on November 25th 2022, is an alt-pop palette about putting colour to life's experiences - projecting "the movie" up on life's canvas. Kleo has always been fascinated by movies and as a child she could fully immerse herself in the characters appearing on the big screen. And now as a grown up the impacts of movies and cinematic aesthetics are fully present in her work as a musician. The trained eye will hear (and see) many subtle and elegant references to cult-films and pop culture in Kleo’s universe. And like cinematic scenes, the songs on I Love This Movie are each an ode to life's scenes - both the big and ecstatic, and the difficult and dark – altogether with Kleo's message to see your own reality from a bigger perspective and growing as a human being as the threads that weave it all together.

This is dream pop and velvet vocals, it’s Leonard Cohen’s view from the monastery and Lana Del Rey walking through the cobbled stoned streets of Copenhagen. “The texture of a polaroid slowly exposing the narrative, or a sort of requiem of the time in which I’m writing. Like when you’re having one of those dreamlike stare-into-blank-space-kinda moments.”

Kleo's Events

Kleo (DK) @ Roskilde Festival
Roskilde, Denmark
Kleo (DK) @ Ideal Bar, VEGA
Copenhagen, Denmark
Kleo (DK) @ VoxHall
Aarhus, Denmark
Kleo (DK) @ Lille Vega, VEGA
Copenhagen, Denmark
Palace Winter @ Hotel Cecil
Copenhagen, Denmark
School of X @ Unknown venue
Aarhus, Denmark
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