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Vinyl Giveaway, February 2023

Feb 15, 2023
This months vinyl giveaway is the Danish alternative pop duo INTET ALTID's debut album. 'Når nogen rammer jorden' is a dream-like soundscape where accessible seriousness, honest alienation, and mainstream criticism aren’t oxymorons. Sign up to our newsletter below for a chance to win a free vinyl copy of the album.

INTET ALTID consists of Mikkel Grevsen and Caspar Eric. Coming from different sides of Denmark, the duo comes from different backgrounds, but found each other through the love for electronic and hip-hop inspired pop. Like many of history’s great collaborations, INTET ALTID began with drinks at a bar, where they both bonded over the lack of political and social themes in pop music and how they wanted to bring the development in the lyrics of contemporary rap in to a electronic pop sphere. 

Teaming up with producer Rune Borup, their 2019 debut album Når nogen rammer jorden invites you into a melancholic universe of synth based songs and autotuned vocals dealing with heavy themes that are often difficult to speak out about.


"It is we who are talking now. We are here to push the boundaries in ourselves and in pop music. We mean something and we believe in pop."

The one part of INTET ALTID, Caspar Eric, is also out with his newest book 'NYE BALANCER'. A collection poetry about being a person with a disability.

Find it here.

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