• Hey! Let's Go!

Hey! Let's Go!

“I told my friend: ‘Just tell her how you feel about her!’ It’s a classic Lucky Lo advice!”, Lo Ersare aka Lucky Lo laughs.

The story behind this advice became the catalyst for the energetic and danceable single “Hey! Let’s Go” from the upcoming album The Big Feel (out October 27 2023).

“It’s about that exact moment when you ask, open and honestly, if you can stay for the night, all the while muttering: ‘Hey, I actually like you, do you want to give us a shot?’”, Lo explains. 

“Hey! Let’s Go” is a zesty and outgoing alt-pop tune in the major key from start to finish with synth and a sliding guitar that captures a musical and seductive snapshot of the anticipatory flirtation between two people. Lo Ersare and her band sing and perform playfully — and flirtatiously — throughout the track, especially in the middle section, where the declaration of love is subsequently released in the uplifting finale referencing new wave artists like Talking Heads etc. — completed by tight horn and cowbell patterns. 

The single is taken from the upcoming album The Big Feel where Lucky Lo takes a mountain hike through the peaks and valleys of life — from the deepest darkness to the warmest light. The Big Feel captures life’s defining moments with its exuberant, tender, loving and danceable pop melodies. Always with the message that music connects people.