• Somewhere in the Future

Somewhere in the Future

'Somewhere in the Future' is an impressive piece of work that takes Treefight For Sunlight’s insanely catchy pop melodies and explosive rhythmic to even greater heights.

The song was released on their second studio album Pizza(2014), an ambitious and massively produced album iconically printed as an actual pizza on vinyl. The accompanying music video is made by Morten Winther Nielsen, singer, guitarist and composer in Treefight For Sunlight.

The danish music magazine Soundvenue writes: “Like on ‘Come Closer’ the lead singer, Morten Winther Nielsen, delivers a distinguished performance, which combined with the magnificent up-tempo orchestration gives the record a dreamy feeling. The dramatic drums and the choir allows the song to transform into a well-organized, beautiful and chaotic symphony”.

Safe to say, we think Soundvenue nailed the essence of the song.