• Through the Eyes of a Woman

Through the Eyes of a Woman

With “Through The Eyes Of Woman”, Lucky Lo encompasses an essential human feeling and right: Freedom. This single is taken from Lucky Lo’s album The Big Feel, which is produced in collaboration with her band, producer Søren Buhl Lassen, and released and published by us at Tambourhinoceros.

Lo Ersare, aka Lucky Lo, says:

“The abortion issue is a human rights issue, and it’s quite simple: Our body, our choice, our freedom — “we are free to choose to give life or let go”. And until science outruns us, every human being on this planet will be born and nourished by the organ that is inside every biologically born woman — as well as non-binary people.”

“Through The Eyes Of A Woman” sets the frame for a deeply personal yet universal and important narrative, an indie-folk ballad in the lineage of protest song pioneers like Joan Baez and Bob Dylan, and where Lucky Lo, in her own way, puts important human experiences on musical formula. 

“With every birth comes pain. And often a good kind, because the pain brings life. But it should be a free choice for the owner of the body whether to go through this pain or not. This made me want to make a song that both celebrates the strength of the female body and at the same time recognising the pain we are subjected to — both by our own anatomy and also by society”, Lo Ersare explains.