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Tambourhinoceros is an independent record label and music publisher located physically in Copenhagen, Denmark and in electro-magnetic signals around the world.

What began as a burning feeling of obligation — to bring the groundbreaking, adventurous and artistically necessary music of our community to the world — has evolved into another overlapping mission. It’s a mission that has been represented in our logo from day one, and a mission which our catalog demonstrates more and more with every new release.

Having released music in every genre under the sun — from post-punk to opera, hip-hop to folk, dream-pop to ambient, and indie-rock to techno — we’ve discovered that we don’t see our artists’ diverse releases as disparate. Instead, we can’t help but see how much they all have in common.

At Tambourhinoceros we strive to show how adventurous music of every genre is related; how different parts have common pieces; how different humans have common humanity. We’re in the business of finding common ground—showing how no individual circle stands alone. They all, and we all have something in common.

Discover the adventurous artists that keep our fires burning, and our love for music growing here, and join our community here: newsletterBandcampSpotifyInstagramFacebookTwitter, TikTokYouTube, and Soundcloud.


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We're committed to monitoring our emissions and we're always going with the most sustainable methods within our reach to produce and package our records. 

We're proud co-sponsors of Impala's Carbon Calculator and we've signed the Music Declares Emergency declaration calling for climate action. As they say, there's no music on a dead planet.

1% of the payments through tambourhinoceros.net/shop are donated to carbon removal which you can read more about here.


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In 2021, we signed the Keychange Pledge Agreement, an international gender equality campaign for the European music industry. Our pledges are:

  • Work towards that women or gender minority artists constitute 50% or more of our active roster by 2025
  • Work towards that women or gender minority employees constitute 50% or more of staff by 2028
  • Consider the balance of contractors we work with
  • Provide feedback on all demos from women or gender minority artists


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Licensing & Synchronisation

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For synchronisation and other licensing requests, please write an email to us here or through one of our sub-publisher listed below. A heads up: we don't license our music for free. There are plenty of reasons—the obvious one being that we'd cannibalise the livelihoods of our artists.

Demo Submission

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If you want to send us demos, please go ahead. We like to hear new sounds, especially, if they are truly new and feel artistically necessary. We promise to give everything we receive a fair chance as long as submissions take the pointers below into account. 

Don't send music that's already publicly available. 

Tell us why you're sending your music to us specifically.

Having a manager & booking agent helps. Similarly, being able to show that you've created a fanbase on your own is a major plus. Not just because it makes our job easier but because it reassures us that you have a good understanding of our side of the business. 

It's always great to be able to influence the final records and how they're presented, so don't worry about not having a final master — we actually prefer to get demos.

Our release schedule is usually packed 8-12 months ahead and while it may seem like a long time to wait, it’s what’s needed to do a good job. 

We ONLY accept streaming links, so please do not email mp3s, wavs, dropbox invitations etc. We cannot promise a response to demo submissions. You shouldn’t place much importance on our opinion anyway. Our opinion of your music shouldn’t matter nearly as much as your own. If we like something enough to release it, you’ll definitely hear back from us.

Send your demo to demos@tambourhinoceros.net

Jobs & Internships

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Jobs & Internships

'There's no paid positions available at the moment. However, as our ambitions are notoriously bigger than our ressources we do offer internships where we strive to give value back to interns in the for increased knowledge and know-how and a wider network within the music industry. 

Internships typically evolve around the job describtions below. If you're interested apply by dropping us your resume and application here.

Product management

  • Metadata management and reporting
  • Webshop- and stock management
  • Fundraising


  • Social media management
  • Copywriting (for newsletters, socials and our website)


  • Copywriting (for bios and press releases)
  • Media monitoring and reporting

Promotion and Digital Advertising Services

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We do both national Danish and Pan-Scandinavian campaigns through our promotion and marketing company Nordic Waves.

Check out past and current clients and contact us here


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