Andrea Welz | Artist | TAMBOURHINOCEROS

Andrea Welz

We don't know much about Andrea. We got an email in July 2011 with the following words:

"Hello my name is Andrea Welz... I'm a German composer.

I live in Düsseldorf and I heard about your label through a Danish friend. This little piece is brand new (and maybe not all finished yet - almost and maybe) - I recorded it this weekend with some friends. It's called "0a".  I have planned some more recordings of my compositions this month.. 3 more I think. If you like it, you can get the copyrights 100%... I really just want to be released on your label. And I don't care if it's 5 copies or 10.000.

Looking forward to hear from you!"

We were impressed by what we heard (Steve Reich-like compositions with experimental electronics on top) so we decided to include Andrea's music in our first series of cassette tapes in February 2012. You should check her out! … Oh, and Andrea: we'd love to hear more from you(!).


Lol - Tambou cofounder Aske Zidore revealed to us a couple of years later that he indeed was Andrea Welz <3!