• Seventh Heaven
  • Seventh Heaven

    School of X

    Seventh Heaven

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     “I finished my album in Palermo. When I got home, I threw it all away.” - School of X

    School of X changed course in the midst of making his new album starting over with renewed energy. 

    After a period in Palermo, the new material suddenly felt like a repetition from previous albums, prompting him to change course. He decided to expand his team and no longer produce his own music. The album is backed by a new band in the studio, and the role of producer is given to Søren Buhl Lassen (Lucky Lo, Brimheim). The fresh start created space for Rasmus to focus on the music and songwriting in a renewed way, while the band captured the intense live energy of School of X’ concerts, channeling the many layers of the music into a dynamic performance that balances high-energy outbursts with tender, intimate moments. 

    The result is Seventh Heaven, the new School of X album to be released on Nov 1, 2024. Lead single “Bad Design” drops on May 23, 2024 and live shows will be announced across Denmark, Germany, and Norway (with more to come)