Brimheim | Artist | TAMBOURHINOCEROS


With her unique alt-pop/rock, Brimheim, aka Danish/Faroese Helena Heinesen Rebensdorff courageously illuminates the stark contrasts within her own psyche: The tough balancing act between the feelings of megalomania and pitifulness. Brimheim transforms her experiences into distinctive and relatable songs.

Brimheim has established herself as one of the most prominent contemporary Danish artists on the alternative pop and rock scenes. Furthermore, she excels in a lyrical universe balancing both fragility and strength, and with unflinching honesty, she focuses on existential conditions — both the challenging as well as the euphotic ones.

Brimheim’s artist name is a tribute to her Faroese roots, and like her name, which means “home of the breaking waves”, Brimheim’s music is a captivating force of nature that refuses to be subdued.

In 2020 she released the EP Myself Misspelled and later in 2022 her debut album can't hate myself into a different shape. She has garnered attention in Denmark and abroad with performances at By:Larm, The Great Escape, Eurosonic, Reeperbahn Festival, Iceland Airwaves and a live session at KEXP. Brimheim has received four Faroese Music Awards, Talent of the Year at the Danish Carl awards in 2022, the award for Hope Of The Year at the Danish Critics’ awards Steppeulven in 2021, having her music named and praised on Danish National Radio P3, and much more.