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Shout Wellington Air Force

Shout Wellington Air Force is unfortunately no longer together as a band. In their career they released the EP Carry Yourself and the album Clean Sunset on the now-extinct label Morningside Records. After Morningside Records closed we inherited the band who sadly never completed their second album (which at the time was dubbed Child Power).

Clean Sunset left no doubt of the huge potential of the group and several major music media included it on their best albums charts of 2010. 

Shout Wellington Air Force succeeded in writing songs that strayed from usual song structures while remaining intuitive and catchy. Bastian Kallesøe of The New Spring was the lead singer of Shout Wellington Air Force and as is the case in The New Spring, the lyrics are amazing. Tambourhinoceros co-founder Aske Zidore mixed Clean Sunset.

Bonus info: Two of the Shout Wellington Air force members later joined forces and released a split tape by the name Inner Garden vs Celeste on Tambourhinoceros.


Shout Wellington Air Force's Events

Sleep Party People @ VEGA
Copenhagen, Denmark
Noah & The Whale @ VEGA
Copenhagen, Denmark
Deerhunter @ VEGA
Copenhagen, Denmark
Oh Land @ Kvægtorvet
Copenhagen, Denmark
Menomena @ VEGA
Copenhagen, Denmark
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