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DJ Krokfot / by:Larm playlist

This cool DJ played some tracks while we were eating fish burgers with CTM at By:Larm. Cæcilie got him to write down the tracks for all of us to dig. 

Drift of to this collection of extremely funky and dusty tracks curated by DJ Krokfot! Note that some tracks wasn't up for streaming so they've been replaced by other tracks by the same act.

Turn your computer 90º and read the original tracklist from the pohot above.

  1. Fela Kuti - Water No Get Enemy
  2. Can - Halleluwah
  3. Mark Fry - Mandolin Man
  4. The Scorpions - I'm Going Mad
  5. Nick Nicely - Treeline
  6. Family Fodder - Der Leiermann (Organ Grinder)
  7. Ananda Shankar - Renunciation
  8. Group 1850 - Friday I'm Free
  9. Erkin Koray - Estarabim
  10. Action 13 - More Bread to the People
  11. Tractor - Make the Journey
  12. Orchestre de Poly-Rythmo de Contou Dahomey - Minsato Le, Mi Dayihorne

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