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Playlist update, week 12

Excellent music for excellent people. Go listen!

New adds

  • "Come to Me Now" by Kevin Morby (Dead Oceans)
  • "Ordinary Day" by Masasolo (Ordinary Records)
  • "Grifting" by Timber Timbre (City Slang)
  • "She Doesn't Mourn Her Loss" by ANOHNI (Rough Trade)
  • "Spindrift" by Colin Stetson (Colin Stetson)
  • "Copenhagen" by First Hate (Escho)
  • "I Want to Know?????" by Goss (Goss)
  • "Chains" by Goldie Chorus (Antiphonics)
  • "Apotheosis" by ORM (Indisciplinarian)
  • "Do I Have to Talk You Into It" by Spoon (Matador)


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  • Alternative Pop Favorites, ambitous artists not scared of the mainstream while making it bearable for the rest of us. Listen & Follow
  • Folk Favorites, great storytelling, lyrics and (mostly) acoustic instruments. Listen & Follow