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Stereogum premieres Chorus Grant in the US

We’re proud to announce the international release of Chorus Grant’s album Space with a US premiere of the single ‘Godplans’ by Stereogum. Space is out in Scandinavia now - worldwide release is August 18, 2014. 

See the premiere here. The digital single is out now worldwide including another album track and a live session recording.

On January 20th this year the first song and music video from the upcoming Chorus Grant album was revealed to great international hype: 

”'O Everyone' is some of the most intoxicating Scandinavian downtempo we've heard in ages." NME (UK)

”Copenhagen-resident Chorus Grant challenges the likes of Ariel Pink, Cass McCombs and other contemporary weird-at-first-but-actually-pretty-brilliant male pop artists with his debut single.” DISCO NAIVETE (BE)

“Space” has evoked strong emotions within us in the Tambourhinoceros staff with its powerful songwriting directed directly at the listener, and melodies as big as houses built with simplicity, elegance and sincerity. The lyrics shift from ultra-presence to evasive absence where you, as a listener, become part of critical life-changing situations without ever being force-fed exactly what these situations are. The door is left ajar for you, and the light pours out allowing you to get a taste of what’s going on in “Space”. Who’s doing the talking though, about what and about whom is open to your interpretation. The melodies are alluring and easily accessible with their immediate appeal and warm welcoming vibe stained by drops of poison throughout.

The arrangements on the album go hand in hand with the mood of the lyrics with its intimate minimalism and sophistication. The band plays with a great sense of detail and respect for the overall themes of the songs and the artistic honesty and necessity is to us undeniable. Songs about bereavement processes and a life turned upside down are intertwined with songs of love, twosomeness and travels done in unison.

Get your hands on the limited edition vinyl here before it's too late.








Chorus Grant - Live at NorthSide 2014


Chorus Grant


Chorus Grant - O Everyone (acoustic television perfomance)