• Ben og fjer (Outtakes 2005-2023)
  • Ben og fjer (Outtakes 2005-2023)
  • Ben og fjer (Outtakes 2005-2023)

    Skammens vogn

    Ben og fjer (Outtakes 2005-2023)

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    The best band in Denmark. Denmark's biggest cult act. The band with no style. These are just some of the colorful ways Skammens vogn has been described over the twenty years that they have existed, and now there's an opportunity to follow the whole story across a single release: Ben og fjer (Outtakes 2005-2023).

    The album is a striking record of the stylistic landscape of Skammen's vogn. Starting in the 00s in a scene of collectivism, Dadaism and DIY, Skammens vogn crossed paths with names such as Thulebasen and the collective Yoyooyoy and the activist artist group Parfyme. It was counter-language, it was alternative possibilities, and form Skammen's vogn also personal emancipation from suburbia and childhood. Skammens vogn began as an art collective mixing poetry, music, drawing and storytelling – but over the years they became more og a regular band with studio recordings and live shows.