• Call it Off

Call it Off

"Call It Off” is a burst of emotions. It's a schizophrenic, hyperactive breakup song constantly shifting between anger and ecstasy.

Pernille: “Call It Off” is in many ways a mystery to us. We feel like we've written a pretty sad breakup song, but then it leaves you with a sensation of hope and urge to break free and freak out on the dance floor instead of feeling sorry for yourself. To me it's because of the constant switch between melancholia and a hyper, bubbling energy.

Esben: There are elements in this song that really shouldn't blend well together; lullaby melodies, rave-like samples, epic string arrangements and fast, cheeky vocal hooks. But I guess that's what we love about this song. It has an energy you can't ignore.

Pernille: When we've played it live this summer people have been raving. At one point they're swaying from side to side, the next jumping on the spot and ultimately they're head banging. I've never had this much fun performing a song ever!