• Calling Out (Feat. Philip Owusu)

Calling Out (Feat. Philip Owusu)

Following up on the successful single “Credo”, which reached the BBC Radio 6 Music Recommends-playlist, the Danish composer & pianist August Rosenbaum releases another gorgeous excerpt from his forthcoming album “Vista”. The new single is entitled “Calling Out” and it features vocalist Philip Owusu.

August Rosenbaum explains: “Calling Out features the unique talent of my favourite singer in Denmark, possibly in the whole world, Philip Owusu. I remember reading an interview with Pharrell Williams back when N.E.R.D. had their heyday. He quoted that one of the things he was listening to the most to at that time was this Danish soul duo, Owusu/Hannibal. I was 19. That was when I discovered Philip and Robin’s album, and it sounded so fresh. Still does actually. 

For some reason Philip Owusu is a hidden gem on the Danish scene today; which is why I was so honoured that he would collaborate with me on the song Calling Out. When I called him, we had already finished the instrumental, but it felt like something was missing. We had this idea together of a swarm of male voices doubling the harmonies, like on Stevie Wonder’s “They Won’t Go When I Go”. Then Philip came up with these amazing top and counterpoint lines that made the whole thing vibrate. The lyrics have a kind of George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’ fable theme to them, it’s the story of the honeybees turning on the bee keeper.”