• Canem/Prequiem


First song “Canem” (‘dog’ in latin) sounds like the bastard child of Timber Timbre, MGMT (anno Congratulations) and Elliott Smith. With its airy drum-beat, tablas, rusty piano and acoustic guitars the scene is set for singer and songwriter Kristian Finne to contemplate flood and ebb and stoically ask “Be you familiar with the Devil World?”. 

B-side “Prequiem” features an acapella intro with its peculiar rhyme structure leading into a chorus about 'playing the hand you're dealt' and not holding yourself accountable for the twist and turns that life has to offer along the way. 

Kristian Finne elaborates:

“Both these songs revolve thematically around my father’s lifelong struggle with multiple sclerosis. Visiting him now and seeing my son lovingly dance around him, showing him toys and drawings, plucks the strings of my heart in a way I could have never imagined. I see him in a new light. I see him with my son's eyes. These two new songs encompass more thrust and momentum than my recent album and would not exist was it not for that record that was centered around my own ideas of fatherhood before becoming a father. I release this new music as a dash and a ‘dot,dot, dot’. I want to start focusing more on the light than the darkness in my artistic work and look forward to sharing this one day in a not too distant future.”