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Skammens vogn's "Charlottenlund" is about about a young couple biking from Copenhagen to Charlottenlund to visit her parents. On the way, they observe their surroundings and are confronted with their own origins. Felia Gram-Hanssen, who's also the drummer on Thulebasen's album Gate 5 is singing lead on the track alongside lyricist and vocalist Nikolaj Zeuthen.

"The song is about the melancholy that every person with a heart in their chest must feel as a cyclist on Bernstorffsvej", says Zeuthen. If you aren't familiar with the  Copenhagen area we can disclose that Bernstorffsvej is the street connecting Copenhagen to much of the wealthy areas north of the city, including Charlottenlund. 

"The song was made for her, her voice and sensitivity", says Nikolaj Zeuthen when looking back on the collab. "Later she played drums for us at a few live concerts. She understands what Skammens vogn is.”