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Our first picture disc, released on August 19, 2013. Clean spasms is first and foremost alternative pop music. The expression is minimalistic despite complex instrumental arrangements including samples, vintage synths and effects, plectrum bass, and analog sequencers. clean spasms is both written, recorded, and produced by Kleinerman himself and he also plays almost every instrument on the album. 

It's a modern pop album that - at first listen - could seem oddly composed. The melodies are cut to the bone and have a vibe that they are almost derived from a mathematical formula.

About clean spasms Kleinerman says:

“Nowadays it is hard to discover an authentic folk culture, but with PRE-Be-UN I aim to address the fact the pop culture is the authentic folk culture nowadays, not anything else. My lyrics have ambiguity as a textual ideal, and I think you could speak about them as hyper referential as the lyrics constantly on sen- tence-level refer to pop and avant-garde culture - everything from Gene Vincent to George Brecht”.