• Dancing Through the Void
  • Dancing Through the Void
  • Dancing Through the Void

    School of X

    Dancing Through the Void

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    “So much has happened since last year.” After the release of his 2020 debut album Armlock, School of X was hurtled into a new life. Having spent most of the past ten years touring and working on music non-stop, SXSW was cancelled just as he was about to make his first trip to the states under his own name and this life was suddenly put on hold for Rasmus Littauer, the man behind the School of X moniker.

    While School of X’s self-produced indie-pop has always been revealing and reflective, “these sudden changes thrust me deep into my emotions.” Littauer took off to his childhood home in the countryside to write, capturing these swelling emotions and reflecting on his childhood. And then there was the news of a little one on the way, bringing his thoughts to his soon-to-be son. “I was facing a lot of things from my life that I want to do differently for him.” Did he want him to grow up in the city or the countryside? What did he want to teach him about politics? Sexuality?

    The result is School of X’s sophomore album, to be released in ‘21 via Tambourhinoceros. “It’s about trying to find the meaning in things. Juggling with the different parts of life that make it a full life. Asking why do I do what I do?” Following his ‘20 debut album Armlock, his ‘19 EP Destiny and his ‘17 EP Faded. Dream, School of X’s new album will be a more varied display of styles and emotions. “It makes it easier to create if there are no boundaries,” says Littauer.