• Dive


‘Dive’ is the infectious single from Blondage, the Danish duo consisting of Pernille Smith-Sivertsen and Esben Andersen formerly known as Rangleklods.

“Dive is about being broke, but happy, wild and careless, and suffering the consequences.” says Esben. “One of those hot summer days where you feel like the world is ending but you just don’t care.”

The track oscillates between this carefree happiness (as in the opening line “might be all out of money // but I’m all full of love”) and an underlying rootlessness as expressed by Pernille’s vocals to underline that “if I’m forever high // they’ll never see me low”.

Contemporary and direct, the track showcases the duo’s exceptional production. Crisp and to the point, the vocals and lead synthesizers deliver crystal clear hooks while playful samples and percussion spice up the driving beat.