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    Eggs was the second album by Oh No Ono. The album was composed in 2007/2008 followed by a nine month recording process during 2008/2009. Rumour has it that just a few tracks on the album has less than 300 audio tracks(!). In other words this a very ambitious and complex album with a lot of work behind it.

    Luckily the hard work was recognized and Eggs was an album that got worldwide recognition for its many layers of musicianship and artistic ambitions. Oh No Ono supported the album by two US tours and 4 European tours. But in 2011, after the touring was over, the band decided to disband.

    The artwork for Eggs was nominated for a US Grammy award for having the "Best Recording Package". The booklet was made by Malene Mathiasson, the overall layout and front cover by Aske Zidore & Malthe Fischer and the CD label by Kristoffer Rom.

    The record was initially released by Morningside Records in the spring of 2009 and later by Friendly Fire Recordings and The Leaf Label. When Morningside Records decided to close its business in 2010 Tambourhinoceros was given the catalogues of both Oh No Ono and Shout Wellington Air Force.