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Lucky Lo’s upbeat & sensual single “Ever!” is her modern take on a disco/new-wave pop anthem for queer love. 

“‘Ever!’ is an anthem for queer love… that is, until queer love becomes accepted. Then ‘Ever!’ will be an anthem for love.” - Lucky Lo

In her newest single “Ever!”, “an anthem for queer love”, Lucky Lo shows yet again the infectious power of positivity, by transforming hardship into hope. The inspiration for “Ever!” began deep inside a YouTube rabbit hole. Lo was binging on Freddie Mercury videos one night which led her to researching the AIDS epidemic and the backlash of homophobia the gay community felt in the 1980’s.

It was a video of a gay man, bravely announcing to a reporter that no amount of homophobia could keep gay people from loving eachother, that struck Lo as timeless: since the dawn of humanity, gay people have been and will keep on loving in secret, in spite of all antagonism, until the world is ready to love them back.

The video resonated with Lo, who has made a habit of transforming pain into beauty on her previous life-affirming singles, and inspired her to make a song that “anybody who feels they are living a truth in secret can listen to, dance to, and feel that they will be accepted. By repeating the motion, it’s going to change the world,” she says. The lyrics of “Ever!” also say the same:

Over and over again we will let them know the beauty

in the beating of our hearts, we’ll be here forever!


The result of Lo’s strike of inspiration is “Ever!”, an upbeat, sensual anthem for queer love. Alt pop meets new wave meets disco in this euphoric single, with equal hints of Talking Heads, Future Islands, and the Bee Gees.

The music video, released with the single, is animated by Isabelle Friberg and is a life-affirming animated story: here we see two antagonists representing the couple from the 80s YouTube clip. While we follow their story, Lucky Lo is performing the song as charismatic and dancing cartoon characters. The video is playful, colorful, powerful and upbeat - just like the song itself.

And while she says that it’s a universal song for anybody who needs it, it’s also a personal one for Lo, who sings about her own bi-sexuality on songs like “Fruits in the Ocean”