• Fast Traveling (Radio Edit)

Fast Traveling (Radio Edit)

“Fast Travelling” is a multifaceted tune that highlights the virtuous trademarks of IRAH; a dramatic composition culminating in an intense outro; Oliver Louis Brostrøm’s dynamic and fascinating drum-playing; the waves of synthesizer-sounds created by Adi Zukanović that moves in and out of the song’s texture; and finally Stine Grøn’s impressive vocal range and crystal clear timbre singing an homage to the spiritual essence of love itself.

Stine elaborates:

“Fast Travelling" is about universal love. The love that travels through time and space, permeates all living, leaving no one behind. The love that solves and heals everything. The invisible all-embracing energy that surrounds us in every moment, - and that we have infinite access to”

"Fast Travelling" is taken from IRAH's debut mini-album Into Dimensions (Oct 14, 2016).