• Forgot Me on the Moon

Forgot Me on the Moon

A landmark song of changing perspectives and turning pain into gratitude. The moon may be a scary place to be forgotten, but it is a beautiful place, nonetheless.

Ten years before writing this track, a much younger Rasmus Littauer first wrote the chorus to an unfinished song out of anger, unable to take the initiative of moving on from a fading love. However, like his latest release “Bad Love”, “Forgot Me on the Moon” shows a newfound sense of resolve in the face of heartbreak and confusion.

Ten years later, the song has transformed into one of gratitude; for being left by a partner, and for now being able to see the relationship’s faults, which he couldn’t see at the time.

The song opens with a dark synth, briefly invoking a sombre guise. However, the illusion of melancholy is soon shattered by the strum of Littauer’s bright, 80’s-pop-anthem-like acoustic guitar.

“I didn’t lose you baby. You forgot me on the moon... Nothing bores me more than you do” he sings with bright timbre and a pervading sense of rejoice; as if we are peering through a telescope at School of X dancing on the lunar surface, having been forgotten there.