• Full of Knots

Full of Knots

“Full of Knots” is taken from EXEC’s debut album (Tambourhinoceros 2016) and is released including two live recordings from EXEC’s debut performance at Bremen Teater in Copenhagen in November 2015.

Troels Abrahamsen released his debut album under the moniker EXEC in February. The Limber Real is an intimate, emotional and analogue collection of music for piano and vocals. The album was recorded in collaboration with producer Mikkel Bolding. Troels & Mikkel have spent hours, days and weeks looking for the perfect place to record every song to capture the right sonic moments and from there to capture the perfect takes. A constant search for the right acoustic moments and situations.

"Full of Knots" articulates the challenge of being filled with thoughts while wanting to clear ones heads and just float along without thoughts and concerns. Such existential reflections characterizes all songs on The Limber Real and Troels’ precise observations and poetic lyrics underlines that Troels not only excels as a singer but also as a songwriter.