• Gershwin's Invisible Year

Gershwin's Invisible Year

“Gershwin’s Invisible Year” is the third single from the album Wholly Wholly. The single is the album's opening cut and introduces the sound of Wholly Wholly to the audience layer by layer. 

Bastian Kallesøe tells the story behind the song:

“There is a loose circular movement on the album. The young composer, Gershwin, is “born” on the album’s first song ‘Gershwin’s Invisible Year’. He then dies (and resurrects) on the final song, ‘Gershwin Wakes Up Singing’.

I love Gershwin’s music and I consider him one of the musical geniuses of recent time. However, I don’t know that much about him as a person. I like to imagine him as a regular little boy who went to school, got bored, masturbated etc. - until he suddenly wakes up and starts to recognize his destiny. I generally believe more in destiny than free will.

I like the idea of invisible years. Everyone can remember what it’s like to be a teenager, etc. and undergo visible transformations. But lots of big transformations are happening all the time and the majority of them are invisible. Most of our lives is in fact invisible.”