• Give It a Name

Give It a Name

"Give It A Name" is a song about letting go and moving on - centered around the idea of lifting the weight on one’s shoulders by “giving it a name”. It revolves around a driving Spanish guitar and soft handclaps, inspired equally by the mariachi-tradition and Kristian’s nordic heritage. Morricone’esque sounds from a slide-guitar, organs and saxophone beat the path to the soothing call and response-vocals that bring redemption and emancipation in the chorus.

The song was recorded all in one night at the Sauna Studios in Copenhagen with producer and friend Nis Bysted. Rhythm section Tobias Lange (drums) and Moogie Johnson (bass) laid the solid foundation for singer and guitarist Kristian Finne and keyboard player/backing vocalist Camilla Munck to voice ponderings about freeing oneself from the past and using that as a stepping stone to unfold the future.