• Heroine


“Heroine” is a 6-minute noise-rock anthem recorded in an intense 24 hour studio session with producer Jens Ramon (Figurines, The New Spring etc.) and later mixed by Nis Bysted (Iceage, Blaue Blume, Cancer etc.) and Jens Ramon. 

A smouldering intro leads the track into a killer guitar riff setting the tone of an instant alt-rock classic from The Entrepreneurs. The guitars are distorted and the drums are distinctive as the track breaks and picks up again leading to a second pinnacle. 

“With this track coming together we really felt like we hit the nerve of what we wanted our album to sound like. It was a first time for us creating a long intro like this and the way it came together put a new perspective on all our recordings going forward.” lead singer Mathias Bertelsen explains and continues on theme of song:

“It’s about addiction in the way of being addicted to a woman - seeing her as a heroine totally blind to her flaws and errors.”