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I Will Always Be You

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Lucky Lo’s “I Will Always Be You” is all about reconnecting with childhood intuition and immediacy in a chaotic and limiting world.

On the energetic new single, Lo Ersare invites you to pause, rewind the tape and bring the magic of childhood to the present.

"Children's gut feeling is more intact and they are great at following their intuition. When we grow up, we tend to forget our ability to listen to what our body and subconscious are trying to communicate," Lo Ersare explains.

On 'I Will Always Be You', Lo sings honestly and attentively about finding your way back to the beginning. And with a message to take care of oneself and above all to find the childlike imagination and lightness in adult life.

"I would encourage people to take a break and look back at their childhood. What can we learn from it?" says Lo Ersare, who personally experienced how gut instinct and immediacy took over when "I Will Always Be You" was created in the studio.

"We were in a situation of trying to be serious adults. But it evolved into an experiment where we let ourselves be childlike, playful and humorous. We went with our gut feeling and instantaneous nature, which succeeded in evolving into this track", says Lo Ersare about the first days in the studio with producers Frederik and Fridolin Nordsø, who later continued the same process with Lucky Lo’s drummer Casper Henning Hansen and guitarist Mads Nørgaard.

At the same time, the melodic universe is completely Lucky Lo-esque, with a surprising reference in the middle part to Bulgarian folk music, which has a close connection to Lo Ersare’s childhood in Sweden. Here, her mother played this music on the stereo. Lo also honors her mother's teaching and care by singing Push the boundaries / pause to take lessons / lessons mamma taught me - a mother’s care turning into selfcare when growing up.

"My mother taught me that I'm good enough and that I am allowed to take up my space. But it can also mean that your mother warned you about the world. So even if you're very intuitive as a child, you also have to stop and ask, 'What did Mom say? She told me to watch out when I cross the street'."

In its essence, the song is a tribute to the intuition and magic of childhood and a call to bring that magic into adulthood. It's a call to push boundaries and not put restraints on oneself. And it's a reminder to "find your way home, to find your way within", as Lo Ersare explains - both in everyday life and in those tense situations, because it's necessary to breathe deeply, rewind the tape and feel from the beginning.