• Julen Bliver Hvid

Julen Bliver Hvid

A while ago we were approached by the host of Danish alternative radio chart Det Elektriske Barometer about creating a christmas song for 2013. We loved the idea and talked to Kristian Mondrup (Kala-OK) and asked if he wanted to do it. The only issue was that he was leaving for China in a few days so we asked Kirsten & Marie to go to Copenhagen and record the vocals with Kristian. The songwriting, recordings and mix & master was done in three days.

We're so happy about the collaborative process and not least the musical result, an alternative Christmas tune to set just the right mood for the holidays. For the non-Danish speaking visitors we can tell that the title means something down the lines of "It'll be a white Christmas" (why fix Christmas clichés if they ain't broken?!). 

"Julen Bliver Hvid" was mastered at Studio C4 by Mikkel Gemzøe