• Lærkerede Blues

Lærkerede Blues

Skammens vogn swirls around Harald Bergstedt's classic children's song "Jeg ved en lærkerede" on the seven-minute blues epic "Lærkeredeblues".

"Læreredeblues" is a wonderful example of Nikolaj Zeuthen's inspiration and appreciation of the Danish classics on the album "Musik og drøm". Inspirations go as far back as Ingemann and Grundtvig and Peter A.G to Lars Lilholt. Somewhere in between that, you find Harald Bergstedt and his classic children's song:
"It's something with a core and some things that swirl around that core. In circuits. You can choose a core in many ways. With different motives to pursue. "Lærkeedeblues" became a core from the heart. Bergstedt's opening stanza from "Jeg ved en lærkerede"  has some powerful gravitational waves. It allows you to throw the rest far away. The unit cannot be broken." says Nikolaj Zeuthen.