• Learn to Pray

Learn to Pray

While Pure Fabrication gives a thematic portrayal of certain forces that allow one to freely fabricate one’s life, whether it be forces of love, independence, or freedom, “Learn To Pray” deals rather with being tied to the fabric of the social world. Pertaining to this, it portrays a communal lapse into cultural decline” lead singer Martin Rehof explains.

It’s a snapshot from the middle of Communions’ reverse coming of age story on Pure Fabrication, where the story’s protagonist undergoes a jaded and cynical battle with identity. “While the blueprint of the coming of age story traditionally involves a protagonist who enters the world seeking answers and emerges renewed, with newfound maturity, Pure Fabrication reveals that growth is tricky and may come at a price. The journey into the ‘real’ world only complicates and fractures any vague sense of clarity that one might have had to begin with.