• Life is a Liquid

Life is a Liquid

‘Life Is A Liquid’ is the second single from the forthcoming album The Limber Real out February 12, 2016. On his debut album as EXEC The Limber Real Troels Abrahamsen contemplates modern life, which is also the subject of ‘Life Is A Liquid’. Our presence is filled with an ambiguity between the physical and psychological. While we move around in the physical world our thoughts move around too. Sometimes they drift apart while in other cases they are together. This song is about the ability we have as human beings that makes us capable of moving forward while trying to figure out where to go. ‘Life is a Liquid’ is also the first track Troels wrote for the EXEC project.

“a sensitive introduction to a songwriter worthy of fresh exploration” Clash

“I see the two lyrical paths as an image of a strong sense of doubt that I think all people experience at different times and areas of their lives. We are somehow trapped in a perpetual conflict between the outer life, our actions, and the inner life, our thoughts. The outer life dealing with control, purpose and what's gonna happen in the next second while the inner life revolves around emotions, desires and the present. Both are needed for one to exist in a meaningful way - if one takes over you become an extreme being. If this conflict and the doubt that follows is a basic condition then it must be the manifestation that's is essential – how to realize your inner life in your outer life” - Troels Abrahamsen

“I feel entirely won over by this” Fresh on the Net

EXEC is analogue music. Troels has worked hard to capture and record the right takes of each sound. This has resulted in a highly dynamic album. Though without religious overtones, the music is inspired by the Nordic psalm tradition with its particular harmonies and structures. Troels’ vocal work is exemplary and reaches new emotional highs with great range in dynamics and timbre.