• Literally Everything

Literally Everything

Brimheim's "Literally Everything" oozes unabashed introspection and builds on her debut album's raw honesty. Delving into the depths of her psyche, she spotlights what she candidly refers to as her "most pathetic impulses."

Speaking frankly about her inspirations for the song, Brimheim aka Helena Rebensdorff says:

 "Throughout my life, I've behaved in a lot of self destructive ways, attempting to fill this deep, barren void inside of me with everything from drugs to self-harm. But more than anything else, I’ve had to reckon with an unquenchable desire for other people’s approval and adoration, both as a human being and as an artist. That’s what 'Literally Everything' is about - the overwhelming impulse to sacrifice everything, including my self respect, in exchange for a moment of admiration."

“When I started receiving a lot of attention for my music on my local scene, it was a pivotal time for me. My lifelong dream of being a successful artist was becoming a reality, but I felt more insecure than ever. That small glimmer of fame was so enticing, I foolishly attached my entire sense of self to it. I remember reading a single negative review of my debut album, amidst an array of positive media coverage and heartfelt fan messages, and it completely obliterated me. It was brutal to confront how brittle my self-esteem actually was.”

"Literally Everything" is a sophisticated hand-played take on modern dance-pop and marks the first time Brimheim sonically steps out onto the dance floor. Her distinctive deep alto croons atop a groovy, restrained bass riff. A glitchy synth sputter erupts into an infectious rhythm guitar infused pop chorus and the song culminates in the ecstatic, danceable climax that, at the very least, will have your foot tap along vigorously.