• Lucky Black Skirt

Lucky Black Skirt

Blondage presented themselves with the grand electronic pop tune “Dive”. Esben Andersen and Pernille Smith-Sivertsen are presenting the second single of the EP, Blondage; a collection of five edgy pop songs wrapped in as much sunshine as midnight darkness. 

“Lucky Black Skirt” is an edgy, organic pop song with bittersweet and longing lyrics toying with the ongoing beat and instrumental hooks. Contrary to “Dive” it’s Esben on lead vocals this time around. His shady vocal provides an interesting counterpart to the uplifting mood of the song. The lyric explains the feeling of letting go of all your restrains when you’re going out: 
”Lucky Black Skirt” is a dark naive fantasy; A need to let go for one night and forget everything and everyone holding you back. It’s about giving in to desire even though you know that you shouldn’t and about crossing a limit and being aware that you’re doing it”, Esben explains.  
Alongside Blondage’s music there’s a visual identity mirroring what Blondage is; a timeless pop-cultural play on masculinity & femininity, darkness & light, hardness & softness.