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Mary Mind

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Swedish singer-songwriter Lo Ersare of Lucky Lo was on a sailboat in the middle of the Atlantic when she first deeply understood the impact humanity had on the environment. While sailing from Cape Town to Salvador two summers ago, she felt closer to nature than ever before, but she also felt more alienated from humanity than ever before. The signs of climate change were so clear, so why were we still polluting, wasting and burning so mindlessly? Can we change our destructive habits? Or is it all just part of human nature?

In “Mary Mind”, Lucky Lo re-creates the feeling of her realization in the Atlantic by zooming out to a broader perspective filled with biblical symbolism and apocalyptic scenes from humanity’s history.

“Mary Mind” transforms from its subdued intro into a dreamy, lighthearted soundscape, eventually ending on its anthemic refrain. While musically upbeat, its contrasting lyrics “It’s getting warmer / Are people getting colder?” leave an unsettling, unresolved image. Is it a picture of a party at the end of the world? Or is it a sign of Lo’s un-ending optimism?