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Palace Winter


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In March 2014 Australian singer-songwriter Carl Coleman and Danish producer and pianist Caspar Hesselager started recording and experimenting together. 

By sending each other their own bits and pieces and songs from other bands as inspiration they found their own sound where the organic songwriting and guitar-strumming of Carl merges with Caspar’s skills as a producer and classically-trained pianist turned electro. 

Caspar elaborates on how the two work together: “one of the reasons working with Carl is great, is that his background is totally different from mine, yet we still seem to end up musically in a place where we really enjoy being. I studied classical piano, played a lot of jazz and ended up doing a lot of electronic music and pop as well, but Carl's playing and singer-songwriter background is sort of a missing piece in all that, something I never dived into myself apart from listening to it. We both like a lot of the same music, and I think we just compliment each other well.”

The name Palace Winter comes from an old hotel (Winter Palace) in Menton in the south of France (also a name of a song on the EP) where Carl stayed in the summer of 2014. Caspar switched the words, and the duo thought it sounded like a person's name. “Like a strange character from a Wes Anderson movie” says Caspar.